Message from the IEC President

Shu Yinbiao

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted societies and economies in 2020 in ways that few of us would have thought possible. It is only by working together and cooperating that we can tackle this and the other major challenges of life in the
21st century: rapid urbanization; climate change; the need for sustainable energy access and better use of natural resources; better risk and quality management; affordable healthcare; and inclusive economic growth. When the pandemic finally ends, these challenges will still remain.

Cooperation is part of our DNA, and broad cooperation is now more important than ever. We need to be able to adapt to rapidly evolving realities and the many advances in technology. At the IEC, we are privileged to be able to leverage the unique know-how, insight and knowledge of thousands of experts representing almost every country and industry in the world.

Their expertise in standardization and conformity assessment will enable us to adopt new and more agile ways of working. But we must also reach out to organizations that we have never worked with before to ensure that we look at things from every possible angle and that we identify the most efficient, most innovative, and safest solutions.

The IEC brings together diverse talent from 173 countries in order to bring the benefits of technology to all corners of the world. But the IEC is not just a technical organization. Our work underpins concrete solutions for the historic challenges facing our societies today. Your contributions provide the blueprint that helps achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Dear friends and colleagues, I hope to welcome you all online at the 84th IEC General Meeting in November.


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